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    He broke the soft flesh at her neck as easily as tearing paper without slowing his rhythm.
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  • He said softly as Natie and Sadira gathered their things, bowed at Lucas and rushed out the door.
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  • Our economy is shifting toward new ventures, even as we speak.
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  • He d surely be in a better mood by then, but she d never enjoy this as long as it nagged her.
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    Lucas grinned, I don t think Love is beyond anyone s reach, speaking from one dead soul to another.
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  • His veins still burned from the drink but he felt absolutely omnipotent. Linda reluctantly admitted to herself that Elsa looked prettier than she thought she would.
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  • That way, you have to come to my place sometime.
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  • He was doing his best to restrain himself out of fear of harming her, but her reaction to her new found desires were driving him mad. Suddenly he pulled back against her protest and sat erect again.
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